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Robert 18

"Just a quick note to thank you again for all your help and to let you know I have been offered a place at Aston Business School so coming to see you last summer was most definitely the catalyst I needed to improve my prospects."

Jamie 17

"By far the most valuable and revealing aspect of the whole experience was the personal consultancy. The occupational psychologist was simply masterful in her exploration and understanding my mind, far more so than I am myself. The careers that she was describing, and the way she was describing them, sounded exactly like the type of work I would like to be involved in later on in life."

Sarah (for her son William 18)

"Hi Leo and Mary, it was lovely meeting you both on Friday. Thank you for all your help and advice, it was a refreshing change to see William animated and motivated after our meeting. He knows he has a long way to go but he has our support. He visited the local college on Saturday as they had an open day and enquired about IT courses."

Oliver 19

"The process helped me to understand my strengths and where my areas of interests lie. I feel like I have a better vision of what career I want to go into. Leo took the time to help me out and was very patient when dealing with me. The programme was structured well. Although it was quite challenging I felt as though I benefited from it. The report helped me to gain a better and more solid understanding of my career pathway. I understood through this programme how I could utilise my strengths to serve a purpose. I feel it is better to follow your intuition than follow a course of action you are not familiar with. I found that working with the psychologist helped me to gain a different perspective on work. The experience also caused me to change my opinion on my career options."

Jack 18

"Career Analysts helped me to find out what sort of careers I am best suited for, all of the suggestions appealed to me and some of which I never would have considered without their help. My career consultant was very easy to talk with, I never felt under pressure and the consultation was an absolute joy to have done. The report was very interesting and informative and the Careers Analysts experience overall has helped me to know more about where my strengths lie and has given me some direction."

Tallulah 19

"The best parts were finding out about my strengths and weaknesses and the analysts if my personality helped me to find out what I might find fulfilling/rewarding out of a career. Also the recommendations of career paths and just parts where it was recognised whether or not a certain aspect of a career would suit me, e.g working in a team."

Louise 18

"The aspect that I found particularly useful was which career would suit me and what to study at university. If someone needed it, I would definitely recommend career analysts without a doubt."

Charlotte 18

"I felt that everything I talked about with my consultant was relevant to me and how I want to work out my future at university and my career. The personality profiling and aptitude tests were particularly useful."

Victoria 19

"You helped me to find all my options and to think of careers on a bigger scale. The aptitude profile was particularly useful - I thought it was fantastic."

Joost 18

"The consultant was really nice and asked good questions. I am extremely happy with her report. It is really detailed and I can see that time and effort was put into it."

Francesca 17

"The psychologist gave me realistic advice according to the type of person I am and my education and experience. I think she was very accurate. I feel I have a number and a range of choices, and I understand the areas that I would be successful in. The aptitude tests were quite enlightening."


Josh 21

"Dear Career Analysts, I wanted to let you know how I got on following your help in August 2014.

Firstly, it was incredibly helpful to have your perspective and advice at what was a really difficult time for me. As a result of your suggestions, I applied for Master's courses in Operational Research and, notwithstanding my 3rd class degree, was offered a place at Southampton.

I spent the academic year 2014-15 in Southampton and have just received confirmation of my result which was a Distinction (average over 70%).

The course was much more varied than I was used to and involved the development of skills such as team work and presentations which I had not previously encountered at Cambridge. I really enjoyed the course which concluded with a two month work placement at the University of Augsburg in Germany working on a project for Allianz insurance and the completion of a report.

I submitted my report at the end of September and began applying for jobs. I have just started work in Operational Research for a major travel business.

In the summer of 2015 Cambridge agreed to upgrade my degree to a 2:2.

I wanted to let you know how I got on and to thank you for all your help and advice which has made such a difference to my situation over the last year or so."

Paul 28

"I just completed your feedback questionnaire and put 'extremely' in every answer. Thanks for everything I feel much clearer now. Great service."

Simon 29

"Hi Leo, thank you for emailing me a copy of my report, I have had a good look and am very happy with its contents. I have found the process of Career Analysts thoroughly enjoyable and highly motivating. I have already begun to implement some changes in my life which are starting to reap benefits and open up new opportunities along the way. I feel that the type of information I was given following the assessment of my test results and the life skills interview with Sherridan is an opportunity that everyone should be afforded.

It seems an almost natural step to take between school and further education and I know that I would have certainly benefitted from this process at that stage in my life, but that said, I am not about to let 15 years get in the way of my goals now. Please pass on my kindest thanks to Sherridan for giving me the opportunity to see my true potential and for being so understanding when she listened to my ramblings surrounding my life thus far and the accident. Many thanks again to you both."

Alex 22

"Many thanks for the report - incredibly insightful stuff, I'm sure it will serve me well going forward. I'll be sure to get in touch should I want further support."

Mohsin 24

"Just as an update as to my situation from a year ago. The report proved useful as it helped to give a clear representation of my strengths and weaknesses and extrapolate from there. I have ended up a software engineer for a very large defence contractor and so far I haven't done too badly so far."

Oliver 21

"The process helped me to understand my strengths and where my areas of interests lie. I feel like I have a better vision of what career I want to go into. Leo took the time to help me out and was very patient when dealing with me. The programme was structured well. Although it was quite challenging I felt as though I benefited from it. The report helped me to gain a better and more solid understanding of my career pathway.

I understood through this programme how I could utilise my strengths to serve a purpose. I feel it is better to follow your intuition than follow a course of action you are not familiar with. I found that working with the psychologist helped me to gain a different perspective on work. The experience also caused me to change my opinion on my career options."

Sophie 27

"My consultant was v. enthusiastic and understanding. Didn't apply one formula - she gave me individual attention. The report arrived v. efficiently and was well laid out. The Career Analysts experience - it's like holding up a mirror to yourself. The consultant gave me a lot of encouragement and really helped me see my strengths."

Thomas 27

"I had accepted an offer for a BSc but wanted to check what my options would be with (and without) the degree. I am now set on doing the degree and have a much better idea what I can and might want to do with it. I feel much more confident in my mathematical abilities (and skills in general) and have a good idea what I need to work on. The report was detailed and helpful following on from the discussion on the day.

I feel I know what I need to work on with CBT in the future, and I have a better idea of what jobs I would be suited to (and, reassuringly, that there are such jobs...). I found particularly useful the warning about teaching as possibly being particularly stressful for someone like me. Confirmation of my skills and abilities."

Lisa 27

"Thank you for your email and the attached report. I have now received the hard copy too. It was an interesting day, the tests and the subsequent consultation. I will go through the report and the recommendations and will contact you if I need further clarification or help. In the meantime, please pass on my thanks and gratitude also to Mary for her help, careful advice and her time."

Patrick 26

"On 26th October I received my Career Analysts report. It gave me a lot of ideas on where to go in the future; I found the service exemplary and the staff efficient and friendly. I have enrolled in training courses that I have an interest in and that would be beneficial to my future career. I have been offered a job in a sector in which I can progress and exploit my full potential. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Career Analysts for the fantastic advice and service, helping me to finally get my career on the right path. Keep up the good work!"

Tom 29

"Sorry to miss you on my way out, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything today, it was really helpful. I look forward to hearing from you with my report but I am not in a rush and I understand if this takes some time."

Suzanne 23

"The Occupational Psychologist showed me lots of interesting websites and all the kinds of jobs I could do."

Phil 29

"I wanted to thank you for your insightful advice when we met. I've just completed the certificate course in Hypnotherapy and am starting the diploma in a couple of weeks! It's fascinating and I am positively hooked. About a year from now I shall be qualified and hopefully starting up my own practice! Thanks again for your advice and time. Will keep you posted!"

Melissa 29

"Career Analysts made me think about all of my needs from a job and what kind of skills I have. The Psychologist was very warm and friendly, made an effort to understand me and made me feel I have lots of choices. I'm now considering very different options to the ones I was considering before I came."

Cathy 29

"Thanks for emailing the report. I found the day really useful and look forward to reading it."

Thirties +

Pippa 44

"Hi Leo, Many thanks for the report, it's been really helpful. Can you please raise an invoice to my company for the fee. Thanks."

Emma 33

"Just wanted to say what a lovely chat I had with Mary today. I felt like she took the time to really understand me and see how to tailor careers to suit me personally rather than trying to force anything on me, and I appreciated how at ease she made me and felt the overall experience was very rewarding so I look forward to reading her report further to the session."

David 32

"I found the Career Analysts experience extremely valuable. The testing and discussion with Pamela indicated to me that actually I was following the wrong career path when taking my natural strengths in to account. The report and recommendations that were presented to me have helped me to make the decision to set off in a different direction in my career.

I found that while the testing and the report itself are very valuable, Pamela worked with me in order to find specific niches and area's that I had either not thought about in the past, or at least from the incorrect perspective. It is obvious that Pamela is very interested in and excited by her current role.

Having a visual representation of my abilities and having an expert explain the results and take my input in to account in the consultation made me realise that I had been pursuing my goals in ways that were detrimental to my happiness and success."

Clare 44

"That was great, thanks. Looking forward to the report - really enjoyed my two hours!"

Sophie 52

"I haven't had a chance to go through the official feedback process yet. I will though, but meanwhile must say how pleased I am with Mary's report. It's been such a helpful process and I'm delighted with the advice she has offered. I shall follow through with the proper feedback process ASAP."

Lorraine (then 36)

"You won't remember me, but I came to visit you at Career Analysts back in 2001. I thought you might be interested in what I have achieved since. You advised me to return to university (I was then 36). Eventually I took your advice following redundancy, and completed a BSc in Geology at Durham, graduating with first class honours. I have just completed my PhD from Bristol University working on volcanoes in the Afar region of Ethiopia – the most extraordinary experience! I am now off to Hawaii for a two-year post-doc looking into the origin of Earth's water. All of this a far cry from the admin role I had when I came to visit you! I was very skeptical of returning to study was very disbelieving when you told me I was more than capable – you were right I was wrong! Thanks for your help back then."

Alan 36

"The other day I stumbled across my assessment feedback from when I visited Career Analysts in 1986! My mum passed away last year and she had kept the papers, which was typical of her organisational skills. I just wanted to let you know that 20 years on the assessment has mirrored reality. It made uncanny reading. I am a Solicitor working in the private sector, I also work as a part time Member of the Parole Board. Some of the comments made in 1986 are as apt today as they were when I was 16!"

Sarah 42

"My self-awareness was fairly good already. However, Career Analysts affirmed that having my own company is right for me and to continue with this. I have come away feeling more positive about the way I work and more in control."

Amy 32

"I feel that I have taken the first steps to changing my career to do something I have always wanted to do and I appreciate all the help that you gave me, particularly my discussions with the Occupational Psychologist. Without that day I doubt that I would have had the confidence to make the necessary changes, or even able to sort out the options available to me. Now, I feel I have had a new lease of life and I am thoroughly enjoying it."

Sophie 52

"Some of the suggestions were things I had already thought of, but Mary had new ideas too + tried to wrestle with my myriad of issues! It's been great for me to try and see why some ideas are no longer appealing (albeit work areas in which I have long-standing experience), and to have a really sound baseline of ideas for me to consider what I do next. Particularly useful was the discussion with Mary and the efforts she took to try and understand my circumstances. Her moral support for my current career / employment difficulties."

Christopher 35

"The Occupational Psychologist had obviously got me down to a tee!"

Dee 48

"I must say it makes a great deal of difference - thank you very much for an enjoyable experience."

Patrick 40

"Would just like to inform you that I have just found employment as a Senior Intelligence Analyst working for a fraud investigation company in Gloucester. Thank you for all your help and guidance."

Emma 33

"Please could you tell your occupational psychologist that I took the job with the charity and I'm loving it! Thanks!"

Richard 45

"Dear Leo I thought I would drop you a quick note to give you some feedback on my experience with Career Analysts. I was particularly impressed with the Occupational Psychologist. She clearly understood my objectives and did a lot of research to make sure the advice she gave me was specific to my needs. This allowed my time with her to be productive and highly focused on what I wanted to achieve. The Occupational Psychologist's insight into the specific job role I was looking for, combined with an uncanny ability to access my personality, was truly remarkable.

She helped me build confidence and understand what was driving me in my previous jobs. I constantly try to analyse my job skills and look at how I can improve myself. The Occupational Psychologist took that to a completely different level and within an hour with her it was clear I couldn't see the wood from the trees. The net result was that within a matter of weeks I was able to secure a job in a completely different industry. I am extremely grateful to the Occupational Psychologist and Career Analysts for helping me understand my vocation and future path. I would not hesitate to recommend your services. Regards Richard"

Barbara 30+ then

"I came to Career Analysts following a divorce and being made redundant from a dead-end job. I saw an advert and decided to make the investment. It was the best money I have ever spent. Your psychologist told me - who had been a failure at school - that I was in the top 2% in the country for my problem-solving and spatial skills and that I had the capability to study for a degree! She brushed aside my protestations about not having O or A levels or First Degree and told me that I would 'find a way'. She was so right – albeit that it was some nine years later that I was accepted onto a MSc in strategic HRM at Anglia Ruskin University as a result of conducting a three-and-a-half-year major change consultancy assignment. To cap it all, I was accepted into MENSA a year later. I will be singing your praises and recommending you to anyone who needs you. Thank you."

Casper 30

"The Occupational Psychologist was very perceptive about my personality."

Charlotte 31

"The career analysts experience was very valuable. Some of the information I already knew but it was good to see how that fitted into my career choice. Some info was surprising too!"

John 50

"I had a useful broad ranging discussion with the consultant with helpful insights."

Andrew 36

"The Career Analysts' experience was useful in confirming what should be my first step in making a positive career adjustment. The Occupational Psychologist was very easy to talk to; a very relaxed session. Honest and realistic about the current job market/climate."

Nicola 49

"Several comments really rang true. I had thought counselling might suit me, but she advised against it and when I mentioned this to close family they agreed with the Career Analyst."

Harry 43

"Generally this was an excellent day! The Occupational Psychologist was a very intelligent, confident, interesting person. I really enjoyed our conversation."

Richard 37

"The Career Analysts experience provided me with valuable information. The Occupational Psychologist gave me a lot to think about and the report was a good summary."

Mark 43

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a really worthwhile, informative and thought provoking day. I felt as though some light started to appear at the end of a tunnel."

Cath 38

"A belated thank you so much for your advice and support last week - and for the comments/tips below. It was an extremely useful session, well-tailored to my needs and has helped to structure and focus my thinking; It has also enabled me to feel more confident about preparing for/addressing interviews."

Marie-Therese 51

"I found the Career Analysts experience very pertinent. It has highlighted my frustration at work doing secretarial work. I also found the personality profile interesting. I know that I am determined and driven, but I did not realize to what extent i.e. I did not think I was more driven than other people and I see now how this aspect of my personality conflicts with routine work. I realize that I need to find a job that provides outlet for this. Hitherto, I have done this through studying."

Witold 50

"I appreciate your work in helping me at this difficult time. I need to digest the results and act soon. Could you thank the careers adviser on my behalf for her work, recommendations and websites? She might be pleased to know that I have been short-listed for the Lay Chaplain post at New Hall School."

Joe 31

"I am pleased to say I now have a job working for the Liberal Democrats which I am really enjoying. Thank you for your advice."

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