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Career Change

Is a Career Change or New Career one of your aims for 2014?

For many people a new year brings with it a new year’s resolution and the fact we are already well into 2014 will probably mean for many this resolution has already been broken. However for those with more long term resolutions and goals, such as to get in shape or to find a new career, […]

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Top tips for your career change

Stuck in the same job for too long? Do you dread waking up for work each morning? Maybe a career change is the right thing for you. We give you the top tips for changing career: 1. Evaluate the reasons you want to change? Working out the reasons for wanting to change will help you […]

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How long should my CV be?

As a careers advice company, we are often asked many questions about C.V.’s. Here is our advice on the question “How long should my C.V. be?” If you can’t say everything you need to in one page, two pages are ideal. Get your message across succinctly. If your work is technical, you may need to […]

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What to avoid putting on your CV

Some things are better left unsaid. Don’t give an employer any reason to de-select you.

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What makes a good CV?

It can be useful to adapt your CV to individual positions. Career Analysts specialise in giving effective career advice and guidance.

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Advice on Returning to a Career After Becoming a Mother

Returning to work after having children can be very difficult. Your lifestyle has probably completely changed and it may have been a long time since you were last in a working environment. There are lots of things to consider before going back to work. How much time do I want to work? And how much […]

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How to Make a Wrong Turn Right

Most of us have made a bad career move, stayed in a relationship when we shouldn’t have or done something we’re ashamed of… But with the right attitude and some steely determination, there is always a way to turn your life around…

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