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Parents and Guardians

Parents and Guardians

Our careers advice consultations with teenagers always take place with them alone.

Although we understand that, as parents or guardians, you know your child best and have an unquestionable interest in their education and career decisions, we believe that the young person needs to feel free to speak about aspirations and concerns, and indeed about parental pressures and attitudes.

Parents and guardians invariably have the best interests of their children at heart, but they can be too close to be able to give unbiased advice regarding their career and education choices. The teenagers themselves may not trust parental recommendations and advice and can even dismiss appropriate suggestions believing that parents have an overly inflated (or the opposite) opinion of their potential, or that they are not qualified to judge and give careers advice.

Career Analysts offers truly objective and professional careers advice which is logical, personal and which creates buy-in and the confidence to act. Our careers advice programme builds a holistic view of the teenager’s skills, circumstances and opportunities that leads to suitable and fulfilling career recommendations.

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