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How bad management can affect your career?

Everyone has a story about working for a terrible manager. For a business, they can cause an impact on morale, employee stress and turnover. For you and your career the results can be far more long lasting. Whether these bad managers take all the credit, never turn up at work or have a fierce temper, as well as making you uncomfortable in the office they can also affect your own career trajectory. It can get to the point where you donít care about your career and how good you are at it, and this can affect how you view the company you work for.

Have a look at these traits of bad management and find out what you can do to make the most of the situation and enhance your career.

The MicroManager Ė breathing over your shoulder, checking all of your work twice overÖ this manager doesnít seem to trust you to get on with your work. Learn from this by adjusting your working practices to suit their management style.

How can the MicroManager affect your career? Itís important to learn to work with all kinds of people and behaviour traits. While you canít change how a person manages you, you can use the experience to help you deal with similar people later in your career.

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The MIA Manager Ė If youíve ever had a manager that just doesnít turn up from day to day, or hides in their office, they may be Missing In Action. You can make this into an advantage by managing your time effectively and keep them updated on your projects and achievements.

How can the MIA Manager affect your career? You can, effectively, learn how to manage yourself in this situation. Your self-motivation and the communication of your achievements will help you work better and promote yourself to a wider audience.

The Misappropriating Manager Ė Whether itís taking credit for your ideas or the whole teamís work, this manager is happy to get the praise and doesnít share the rewards with their team.

How can the Misappropriating Manager affect your career? You will feel put out when your contributions are not recognised. Make sure to use the experience as a lesson for when you are in the same situation, and to give yourself constant reminders to thank or praise those within your workplace that are also doing a great job.

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