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54% of Brits have career regrets

A new career survey has found that the majority of British workers admit to feeling 'creatively stifled', and have a number of regrets regarding their career.

The study, commissioned by Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), polled 1,000 people in full time careers across the UK and found that 63% wish they were in a career in which they could make more use of their creative skills.

When asked about their career regrets, 23% wished they had invested more time when first choosing the right career, 21% regretted their choice of school, college, or university, and 20% wished they had been offered more career guidance at the beginning of their career path.

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When asked what they would change about their career choice if they could go back in time, around a quarter would have spent longer looking into career options, and 17% would spend less time worrying about the opinion of family and pursue the career that they really wanted. Respondents also stated they would have chosen a university that offered more support for their future career path or go back and take more risks when choosing a career.

The survey also showed that support in the early stages of decision-making is key to choosing a fulfilling career; lack of confidence, lack of suitable contacts, and lack of parental support were all cited as key reasons for not pursuing a dream career.

When asked about their future careers, 55% of respondents would consider a career change, and 42% saying they would actively go out of their way to move into a more creative career.

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