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If you are a professional sportsperson facing the end of your career, moving to a new career can be a daunting prospect. You need specialised support to make the transition to a fulfilling career outside of sports that makes the most of the skills, knowledge and experience that you have built up over the years and capitalises on the competitive spirit that drove you into sport in the first place.

Career Analysts can help you move forward and realise your new dream career.

Your retirement from sport could be due to:

  • The natural end to a long and successful career
  • An injury cutting short a promising career
  • A realisation that you won't reach the required level

Whatever the reason, you have reached this point in your career far younger than people in other walks of life.

You have distinct advantages over many others - a winning mentality and a real sense of the value of teamwork; traits highly prized in the world of business.

Work with Career Analysts to make the best of your natural talent and find the most suitable career path for your future.

Our clients say that coming to Career Analysts is a life-changing experience. Our work builds on all your valuable skills, training, past achievements and experience - at the same time accommodating new work/life balance considerations and identifying new career opportunities that come with a fresh start.

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