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Interview Tips

Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

For most people an interview situation is something that fills them with dread and panic. However this doesn’t have to be the case if you are thoroughly prepared and know the sort of questions you can expect to face. To help you, here at Career Analysts we have compiled 3 of the most frequently asked […]

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What are Competency Based Interviews?

The majority of large organisations have a competency framework which they use to measure their employees’ performance. In some companies these frameworks are quite sophisticated and the terminology used can become quite complicated. A competency can be described as: Behaviours that individuals demonstrate when undertaking job relevant tasks effectively within a given organisational context (Whiddett […]

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What Should I do After my Interview?

Following each interview it is important (if you want to learn anything) to review your performance. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable but reviewing can help embed good practice and it can help highlight areas for improvement. Try using the following review questions: Overall how did it go? Which questions did I answer well? Which questions […]

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Tips to Help You During Your Telephone Interview

We have compiled a list of tips and advice to help you during your telephone interview. Listen carefully to the question, ask the interviewer to repeat it if you didn’t pick it up clearly Don’t rush, if you tend to speak quickly make sure you slow down Don’t interrupt the interviewer, if you do, apologise […]

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Important Tips to Help You Prepare For a Telephone Interview

By preparing for an interview you are more likely to do well during it and it will help you feel less anxious and more comfortable. Here are some important tips to help you prepare for an interview Make sure you have done your research Practice – ask a friend to interview you on the telephone […]

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What Questions Should I Ask During an Interview?

Remember the interview process is a two way communication. You have a decision to make about the position and whether you want to take it. It is useful to have prepared some questions that you might ask at the interview. Often this is left to the end of the interview after the interviewer has asked […]

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How Important is Body Language in an Interview?

Sophisticated interview techniques have been developed to try to overcome individual biases, to make the process fairer and to allow for nerves amongst candidates. However, body language is still important because it can give away unconscious clues to how you are feeling which might contradict what you are saying. In research carried out by Albert […]

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Preparing for an Interview

Preparation will improve your performance at an interview significantly and will also help to reduce your nerves. In fact many interviews now are highly structured or competency-based and require candidates to have prepared examples in advance of the interview. It would not be possible to succeed at these interviews without adequate preparation.

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