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Many of our clients say that we have changed their lives. The unique combination of the exceptional calibre of our consultants and the depth of our psychometric assessment produces a profound catalytic effect for individuals.

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There are important education and career decisions teenagers need to make during their student years. A level, degree and career choices made now will have long-term effects on personal happiness and financial success, so it is critical that they are made rationally and with full reference to their abilities, personality and interests.

If they can make those education decisions with a specific career route in mind, then the whole process of A levels, graduation and then moving into the right career can be planned in advance, smoothing the way forward and dispelling those persistent and distressing doubts.

For teenagers we don't necessarily aim to fix exactly at this stage what the teenagers career will be in some years but if we can at least show them what their strengths and weaknesses are, what would be a good fit for their personality and interests, then we'll go a long way to helping them find the best career path for them when the time comes to make that final choice. Alternatively for those wishing to go straight into work without further education please choose our straight to work programme.

At a time when emotions run high and tempers can be fraught, many teenagers can be apprehensive about what their future career will be. Our careers advice for teenagers programme is conducted by fully qualified Occupational Psychologists and is designed to help, even if they have little or no idea of what career they would like to do; although the majority (and their parents) are determined not to settle for careers offering poor personal and financial rewards.

Whatever options are available, our programme will help them find the right career path and education route, whether it's choosing A Levels and/or a Degree, or deciding on what career is right for them.

Careers Advice for Teenagers

Our in-depth psychometric tests will build a true, holistic profile of your teenage child or grandchild whatever their circumstances, while the afternoon session with the Occupational Psychologist is tailored to helping them make real decisions about the education and career choices they are faced with. This includes looking at:

  • A Level choices
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Degree or further education
  • A future career path
  • Or just what to do next

Our Occupational Psychologists also have many years of experience working with teenagers with special needs such as Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Our careers advice programme is designed to take these circumstances into account and to help them decide on suitable and fulfilling career paths and the qualifications they will need to get there.

Additionally, we offer Parent and Guardian Extension sessions. This allows the teenager's session to run on time and for the focus to remain on them, while parents and guardians use the extension to explore the outcomes of the teenager's consultation and talk about their future career with the career counsellor. We find this is the perfect opportunity to discuss career recommendations in a professional and objective manner and adds value to the programme.

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