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Our career planning service has helped tens of thousands of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds develop a real career plan and gain personal fulfilment as a direct result of our specialist career planning services. From ‘A’ level choices through to retirement planning, our sole concern is to help you at any stage of your career to make the right decisions, now and for the future.

We can help individuals of every background and age group who are seriously interested in analysing their current situation with total honesty and confidentiality, and talk through their career planning issues and options with an objective, non-judgemental, highly-qualified professional.

We are one of the very few career planning services in the UK today to combine:

  • one-to-one consultation by fully-qualified occupational psychologists
  • a comprehensive range of cutting-edge profiling, career test and assessment techniques.

The unique combination of the exceptional calibre of our consultants and the depth of our career tests and psychometric assessment produces a profound catalytic effect for individuals. You will be astonished at the accuracy, insight and detail with which our career plan consultants assimilate the career and personal issues you face.

You get to know yourself better, unearth dormant career change talents and qualities, have a better sense of direction, and as a result find the whole process a real confidence booster.

If you would like to talk to a professional career planning consultant, contact Career Analysts or call us on 020 7935 5452.

Alternatively, you can register for the programme online.

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