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  • Mature Students start a new degree in order to advance their careers

    The Ucas website has a section dedicated solely to mature students; specifically those who are over 21 in England (over 20 in Scotland). There are lots of reasons mature students decide to study, but many say their objectives are either to improve their career prospects or because they are deeply interested in the subject.

    Higher education institutions incl...

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  • Be happy in your career and earn more money!

    Stuck in a rut? Unhappy in your career? Not progressing the way you thought you would? Not sure what you want to do with your career?

    A fascinating piece of research has revealed that, if you're happy in your career, you actually earn more money. It's not the high salary that makes you happy. It's the reverse that is actually true.

    Referring to a study by ...

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  • A career working from home? Should you consider it?

    People working from home now make up a higher percentage of the workforce than at any point in the last 17 years and it is still rising. Is it something for you to consider as a career option? What are the advantages and disadvantages to this flexible arrangement? Do you have to be self-employed to work from home?

    According to the Office for National Statis...

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  • In trying to improve their careers, nearly half of office workers put in longer hours to impress their boss!

    Nearly a half of office workers intentionally spend long hours in the office in an attempt to impress their manager and rise up the career ladder, a poll has shown. However, this extra work has no effect on productivity and can have a detrimental effect on home life.

    This research, by officebroker.com, found that 43% of workers regularly arrived early or st...

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  • 7 Psychometrics can help you choose the right career

    There are a small number of very important factors that result in you being happy in your career.

    They are:

    Your Interests - If you can find what career you should do - one in which you do have a real interest or even a passion then you are much more likely to succeed and enjoy your work.

    Your Aptitudes - What are you good at? You will fare much better ...

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  • Will school leavers make the right career decisions with help from workers talking about their career paths?

    This year employees, with the permission of their employers, are being asked to go to secondary schools to talk about their jobs and career history. It's expected that this will help young people get a real insight into what their careers entail.

    This 'Inspiring the Future' campaign is designed to address the "skills mismatch" between careers and young peop...

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  • How to Make a Career Change

    Deciding what career change is best for you is perhaps the most important part of the process of finding a new career, but once you’ve made up your mind the actual process of getting that new career can also be an ordeal.

    The essentials of getting a new career:

    Planning is crucial to a change in your career path – your new career strategy should be researc...

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  • Are you bored up with your career? Is it time for a career change?

    Many people, now and then, are bored with their career path. Are you bored because you do not face enough challenges in your career? Or are you feeling burned out in your career.

    These are good reasons to think about a career change; but be careful - if the cause of your dissatisfaction is a personal issue - it will follow you wherever you go.

    Usually it i...

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  • Can women forge a career as a chef?

    In their careers, women were once cooks and men chefs, and never the twain would meet. People over forty may remember that women were told that they did not have the temperament to be career chefs, or that they could not deal with the pressure in that career path.

    Today, there is more interest in becoming a career chef than at any other time in history; it...

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  • Is self-employment a good career choice for you?

    Self-employment is one career goal but there may be better methods of achieving your career objectives. A career plan is necessary even for the self-employed.

    If you think that being self-employed means having less structure and more free time then self-employment is probably not for you. Self-employment means being self-motivated and making things happen...

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  • Have I got what it takes for a veterinary career?

    A Veterinary Surgeon’s career involves the physical and psychological welfare of animals. In reality this means the cure and prevention of diseases. This career path can be for farm animals, pets, zoological park or wild animals.

    Veterinarians tend not to choose a career involving a single type of animal. The career they specialise in is either domestic wh...

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  • Disappointed with your child's exam results?

    If your son or daughter didn't get the results they wanted, you shouldn't panic. Professional career guidance specifically aimed at teenagers can help you and your child cope with the results and realise what career is right for them.

    Whether it is a rethink of potential career paths, or route to study, our extensively trained and vastly experienced careers...

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  • Career Opportunities at Sea

    It can be difficult to choose the right career at sea can as there are so many possibilities. Career options vary greatly on ships; generally, the smaller the vessel the more hands-on the career is likely to be, while on larger ships there are many more managerial career choices.

    The merchant navy has numerous career opportunities for graduates as officer...

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  • The rise of the female entrepreneur. Is it the right career path for you?

    Whether you are a more mature women changing your career because of redundancy or through choice, or a young mum starting a business with an eye on work/life balance, you may be considering the entrepreneurial career route. But is it right for you? Success stories are plentiful, but some women find it much more difficult to embark on that career path than th...

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  • Are you a parent worried about your child’s exam results?

    The arrival of GCSE and A-Level results is a testing time for families. The pressure on your child to do well and give them the best chance of starting their career path positively can cause major stress for them and you! So what can you do to lighten the load? Here are our top tips:

    1) Talk to your teenager

    Keep communication open by discussing their ...

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  • What are the next steps in your teenage child’s career path?

    August is a stressful time, with both A-Level and GCSE exam results being released. If you have teenagers in the house, you will know about the tension this produces, even if your teens don't share their frustrations, tensions or expectations with you. How can you get them to open up to you? How can you work with them to decide on the next steps in their car...

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  • Finding the Flexibility in Careers

    With over 5 million people in the UK now choosing to work part time in their career, pursuing the goal of a flexible, yet still high-earning, career is now an easier task. But make sure you get the right careers advice before embarking on this career path.

    Senior lawyers, finance directors and chief executives are among those opting for part-time careers, t...

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  • What careers paths are available for graduates in psychology

    The best careers advice for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology - a psychology degree – is that in itself it does not qualify you for anything except the right to apply to the British Psychological Society (BPS) for a “graduate basis for recognition” (GBR). The GBR status is the first step towards achieving status as a chartered psychologist so that you can ...

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  • Amy - 32

    I feel that I have taken the first steps to changing my career to do something I have always wanted to do and I appreciate all the help that you gave me, particularly my discussion...

  • Andrew - 36

    The Career Analysts' experience was useful in confirming what should be my first step in making a positive career adjustment. The Occupational Psychologist was very easy to talk to...

  • Charlotte - 18

    I felt that everything I talked about with my consultant was relevant to me and how I want to work out my future at university and my career. The personality profiling and aptitude...

  • Sophie - 27

    My consultant was v. enthusiastic and understanding. Didn't apply one formula - she gave me individual attention. The report arrived v. efficiently and was well laid out. The Caree...

  • Josh - 21

    Dear Career Analysts, I wanted to let you know how I got on following your help in August 2014.

    Firstly, it was incredibly helpful to have your perspective and advice at what was ...

  • Victoria - 19

    You helped me to find all my options and to think of careers on a bigger scale. The aptitude profile was particularly useful - I thought it was fantastic....

  • Melissa - 29

    Career Analysts made me think about all of my needs from a job and what kind of skills I have. The Psychologist was very warm and friendly, made an effort to understand me and made...

  • Dee - 48

    I must say it makes a great deal of difference - thank you very much for an enjoyable experience....

  • Phil - 29

    I wanted to thank you for your insightful advice when we met. I've just completed the certificate course in Hypnotherapy and am starting the diploma in a couple of weeks! It's fasc...

  • Louise - 18

    The aspect that I found particularly useful was which career would suit me and what to study at university. If someone needed it, I would definitely recommend career analysts witho...

Careers Advice to find what Career is Right for you

Choosing your career path is one of the most important decisions you will make in life.

Your choice of career will have long-term effects on your personal happiness and financial success. What job will you choose? Will it reflect your skills, your qualifications, your goals? Will you, or can you, find a new career if circumstances in your career change?

Whether you are:

  • a teenager making important education and career choices;
  • in your twenties evaluating a new career path;
  • later in life considering a career change;

it is critical that these career choices are made sensibly and with full reference to your interests, personality, abilities and practical circumstances.

If you are just starting out on a career pathway then picking the right A Levels and degree with a view to choosing the right career is the most important step of all, and our careers guidance counsellors can ensure that you make considered and rational education and career choices.

If you are looking to change career or looking for a new career path then choosing the right career at this stage is equally important. You don't want to be facing the same career decisions about what job to do in the next few years again. The career choice you make now should serve you for decades to come.

If you are wondering 'what job can I do?' then find out more about how our careers advisors can help in your situation.

Contact us directly on 0800 999 7778 or register here for one of our programmes.

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New Career and Career Change Services

Career Analysts programmes cover all stages of your life and career - whether you are:

  • looking for a new career;
  • a woman returning to work after raising a family;
  • thinking about a complete career change;
  • deciding on A Levels;
  • considering further education to advance your career;
  • or feeling unmotivated in your current role.

Our career consultants will help you evaluate your skills and priorities, as well as assisting with practical aspects like self-marketing techniques, applying for jobs and CV writing.

Career counselling helps individuals of every background and age group by analysing their current situation with total honesty and confidentiality; and talking through their career options and issues with an objective, non-judgmental, highly qualified professional. Career Analysts will help you to achieve real career success and personal fulfilment as a direct result of our specialist careers advice services. Our priority is to help you to choose a career - the right career for you.

Career Analysts is one of the very few firms of careers advisors in the UK to combine one-on-one consultation by fully-qualified occupational psychologists with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge career test profiling and assessment techniques. Clients are invariably astonished at the accuracy, insight and detail with which our consultants assimilate the career and personal issues they face.

If you are wondering 'what career is right for me?' then find out more about how our career advisors can help you specifically.

Contact us directly on 0800 999 7778 or register here for one of our programmes.

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Hear what our clients say

Hear what our clients say

If you would like any further information, please feel free to call us on 0800 999 7778 or drop us an email.

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